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You must prepare a master resume and submit it by the specified deadline.
Before the deadline, the Students' Placement Office must receive the proofs justifying each point in your resume as well as PVFs (Project Verification Forms) from the project or internship mentor.
You must register on the Recruitment Automation System (RAS) within the specified timeframe as notified by SPO.
After you've registered, you are supposed to upload all one/two page resumes on the portal.
The Students' Placement Office appoints a point of contact (PoC) for your resume verification.
You would be assigned a time window during which the allotted POC would verify your resume.
Once your resume has been verified, you may begin applying to companies on the RAS in which you are eligible.
Following your application, you must attend all of the company's hiring events (PPTs / Tests / GDs).
If you get an offer from a company, the SPO would notify you and your account would be frozen.


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Placement Policy
Internship Policy
Leave Application
Project Verification Form
PPT Absence Form
Corporate Internship Waiver Form
List of Companies
Previous Year IP and JAF
Preparation Portal

Resume FAQs

What are the restrictions on resume format?

What should be the name of the resume file (one page)?

How to mention JEE Mains/JEE Adv/any other examination ranks or other scholastic achievements in my resume?

I don't have any proof for some points on my resume, but I can provide them after campus reopens. What should I do?

When is a Project Verification Form (PVF) required?

How will my PoR/projects under the institute clubs be verified?

I have some Self projects, how will they be verified?

How to verify online courses/online projects?

Is proof required for Extracurricular points?

My internship/project is ongoing and will not be finished before resume submission. What should I do?

Can I update my resume after the deadline?

Will the Summer CPI be included?

NOTE: Whenever you send a mail containing proofs/PVFs or anything related to resume submission, kindly ensure that the subject contains your roll number. For detailed guidelines and recommendations on resume making, all the students are advised to visit this link.


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