Yuvraj Garg

Yuvraj Garg, studying in IIT Kanpur as a B.Tech student will do his summer internship in GLOBAL MARKETS FID QUANT INTERNSHIP profile at NOMURA STRUCTURED FINANCE SERVICES

I started competitive programming at the end of my first year. Codeforces is one of the best sites to start with. Solved all the questions from Interview-bit and a few questions from leetcode. Luckily in my case the only coding question asked was from Interview-bit. I solved several puzzles from Brainsteller and GFG. To boost-up my confidence, I tried a few mock interviews with my friends. Revised the concepts of Prob and stats. Summer vacation is the best to start your intern prep. Focussed on building a strong background in DSA.

For algorithms and data structure, follow Interview-bit and Leetcode. For quant profile, solve some puzzles from Brainsteller or GFG. Resume doesn’t matter that much, try to build a strong background in DSA. Keep faith in yourself and don’t lose confidence at any point of time. Always be surrounded by your friends and keep your morale high