Yash Vardhan Raizada

Yash Vardhan Raizada, studying in IIT Kanpur as a B.Tech student will do his summer internship in Intern – Software/Applications Development profile at LTI (Larsen & Toubro InfoTech)

- Started preparation in SUMMERS 2020 - Prepared for Software, Quant & Analytics profiles - Preparation Sources : - CODING : GeeksForGeeks, InterviewBit - APTITUDE/QUANT : Brainstellar, 50 Challenging Problems in Probability, GFG Aptitude - RESUME/HR : Online Practice Sessions, Seniors, SPO Preparation Folder (very useful) - RESUME/HR TIPS: Write most relevant projects and courses instead of everything. Prepare well for each and every point. Prepare introduction in a manner to drive the interview in your direction.

OPEN TO ALL DEPARTMENTS, Company Application & Eligibility Form, Resume Shortlisting

- INTERVIEW EXPERIENCE: Try to structure the introduction carefully and keep it interesting. Try to answer the interviewer’s questions with ANECDOTES FROM YOUR EXPERIENCES IN YOUR WORK. Be technical in your language. Communicate your ideas effectively. - PREPARATION TIPS – Practice Coding & Aptitude Questions, if doing a project, get to know its in-depth technicalities. - HOW TO PLAN MY SUMMERS? - Best to have a project (preferred) or an intern alongside your preparation. It keeps you on schedule. Practice a few interview questions daily. Read about the companies and their work where you wish to apply for. Get in touch with your relevant seniors of that profile/intern and talk to them about their experiences.