Vivek Kumar Gupta

Vivek Kumar Gupta, studying in IIT Kanpur as a B.Tech student will do his summer internship in Software Engineer profile at Flipkart Internet Pvt Ltd

- Since my first experience with programming in 1^(st) year I never stopped coding. I only prepared for 1 month prior before the tests started. - I only prepared for the basic concepts in competitive coding. - How Preparation: Coding: easy concept based problems on Hackerrank Aptitude: No need to prepare for Aptitude (JEE time enough) Interview: No need to prepare for Interview if you can speak understandable english - Writing resume: Find a suitable template and edit it. Better to do it with the help of a friend. Try to add more precise details.

- Interview Experience: 1 day before interview talk to someone who already has experienced it. And prepare a little bit of english sentences. Keep happy face during interview. Never stay silent for longer than 5 seconds. Make them believe that you are enthusiastic. - Planning: Try to have some experience with interns prior to this. Some interns don’t even pay, some will pay around 5k. But they all will give you something to write in the resume. Try some self projects also. You can talk about these during your interview. This will make your interview engaging.