Tanvi Ajay Nerkar

Tanvi Ajay Nerkar, studying in IIT Kanpur as a B.Tech student will do her summer internship in Data Scientist profile at Microsoft Ltd

Tests were due to start in the 3^(rd) week of August. I started preparation in July 1^(st) week. I prepared for software primarily, and ML related profiles. For questions, I used Leetcode, Interviewbit and GFG. I rigorously practiced questions from different areas like dynamic programming, arrays and graphs. For quant, I revised MSO201 notes. I had done a NLP project in the summer. For the HR interview prep, write down a few points about yourself, your resume, and look up the profile/company in advance. Don’t wait till the last minute or decide to improvise. Keep a rough skeleton of the main points and build around that in every interview. Do a project or an internship in the summer, and revise some basic concepts that you used there. Be confident of every line you write in the resume.

I received offers from Microsoft, Goldman Sachs and Uber. For all tests, my approach was the same. I practiced coding questions for around 6-8 weeks. For quant profiles, I looked up puzzles on GFG and probability related questions. Microsoft interview- All 3 interviewers were very friendly. Round 1 had 2 coding questions, and both went smoothly. Round 2 was data science and machine learning specific, with questions about linear algebra, and NLP. NLP questions centered around my project. Round 3 had 1 coding question and a general discussion about my resume. GS interview- Round 1 had tough questions on probability theory. A good understanding of MSO201A concepts (especially distributions) is essential. Round 2 concentrated on probability questions and puzzles. Uber interviews- Rounds 1 and 2 were coding questions. Round 3 was HR discussion about projects, and some technical questions. Interviewers from all companies were helpful and friendly. In the 2^(nd) year summer, I would recommend doing a project with a professor or an internship. Intern prep must begin at least a month before your tests commence, so that you are well rested and confident. Doing things in a rush will lead to incomplete knowledge and can be detrimental.