Sparsh Agarwal

Sparsh Agarwal, studying in IIT Kanpur as a B.Tech student will do his summer internship in Research in Digitization and Automation profile at Siemens Technology and Services Pvt. Ltd.

I started my preparation quite late (just 2 months before the internship season) I had done PROBABILITY AND STATISTICS (HSO201) in my 4^(th) semester and DEEP LEARNING SPECIALIZATION from Coursera just to get the basics. I had done 2 projects in WEB DEVELOPMENT in my 2^(nd) year which helped in preparing for that profile. For the CODING part, I revised all ESC101 concepts and since I had not done ESO207, and there was less time I started practicing regularly on Interviewbit. For general PUZZLE SOLVING AND APTITUDE I did questions on prepleaf, brainstellar and braingle. For HR questions I just wrote down some answers on my own and looked at them before any interview. Some tips for making RESUME that I followed: - 1-2 good projects relevant to the profile are better than several small ones - Instead of writing about the project itself, focus on quantifying your contributions and achievements and what you were able to take home in the larger sense - Mention your achievements in extra curriculars (if any) to show them you’re an all rounded person - Get your resume reviewed from multiple seniors (must do!)

Open to all except maybe 3-4 branches. Shortlisting was resume based but many were selected for the first round.

For me, the deciding factor was my RESUME and how well I was prepared with it. So, make sure you spend a lot of time on it. Besides that, CODING is the most important thing that you should focus on because a lot of day 1-3 companies usually don’t have a high cpi criteria and see only your DS and algo skills. So, don’t fall short on that and practice with timed contests on codeforces/codechef.