Shivi Gupta

Shivi Gupta, studying in IIT Kanpur as a Double Major student will do her summer internship in Research intern profile at Adobe

Questions for answer - When did you start? I started practicing coding around one month before the intern season. I completed a couple of courses on coursera for DS and algo concepts beforehand (during the summers) which helped with the coding sections. For the interview, a project I was doing at the time (starting summers) really helped because it was computer vision based. - For what all profiles did you prepare: I prepared for coding and ML based interns - How part- - Coding Since I had not done ESO207, to build up the DS concepts, I did some Coursera courses. I did all the programming assignments in it diligently. Following that, I practiced a bit on interviewbit. I also looked up GFG articles which helped quite a lot. - Aptitude/quant The linear algebra section was a little surprising since not many companies had linear algebra questions. In my case, a course I was doing at that time had linear algebra in the introduction parts due to which the concepts were fresh in my mind. Otherwise, I recommend going through the LA sections of MTH102 (just the basics, like eigen numbers and eigen vectors). MSO201 helped with the probability section. I had also been doing “fifty challenging problems in probability” by Frederick Mosteller. - Resume/HR I had a project based on computer vision in my resume which reflected that I had some knowledge of applied ML (more specifically convolutional neural networks). In fact almost my entire interview was based on this project where we discussed my work and the basic concepts behind my project. - Resume prep tips Having an ML based project helps greatly. For the interview, you must know everything in your resume. Study all the concepts behind your project work. 2nd year summers is a great time to do projects, try to find something interesting if not done previously.

Major points to cover- - Interview experience My interview consisted of discussing a project I was doing and the concepts behind the models I had used. For example, I used convolutional neural networks, the first question I was asked was “what does the convolution layer do”. I had to mostly explain my work, the ideas behind it and my contributions. Towards the end we discussed my codes in the test (and what could possibly be wrong in my code). Finally they told me about the ongoing work at Adobe. - Prep tips – in general + company specific (if any) CP is very important. Being able to solve coding questions under a ticking clock is a little tough and lots of practice is the only way out. Otherwise, having ML based projects in your resume helps greatly and that’s what mostly ends up being discussed in the interviews too. - How to plan my summers- intern? Project? Intern prep? Definitely don’t spend your entire summers only for intern prep. I recommend doing an internship or a project. You can do DS and algo concepts alongside intern/project and start properly practicing coding in the last one month or so. Find resources for quant preparation and stick with a schedule and try to do like 5-10 problems daily.