Sarthak Dubey

Sarthak Dubey, studying in IIT Kanpur as a B.Tech student will do his summer internship in SOFTWARE DEVELOPER profile at ALPHAGREP

- I started CP after lockdown, but I became more regular in my preparation in summers. Before summers, I gave codeforces contests and did questions from the JUNIOR TRAINING SHEET (a good resource for CP but not ideal for interview preparation). - In summers, I did almost all the questions from INTERVIEW BIT (have a very well organized set of questions from every topic), LEETCODE TOP 100 and the book CRACKING THE CODING INTERVIEW (FOCUSED ON CP, ALSO CONTAINS STANDARD PUZZLES AND DESIGN QUESTIONS). - I prepared for PROBABILITY PUZZLES by revising CS203 (upto linearity of expectation) and solving some puzzles from - Also went through the PREPARATION MATERIAL on the SPO website which was helpful too. - The best RESUME prep tip in my opinion is to build a draft and get it reviewed by as many seniors as you can. - I gave many MOCK INTERVIEWS with my friends. This step is very helpful and gave me a lot of confidence. Mock interviews arranged by ANC are also beneficial.

CPI CRITERIA of 7+ CPI. ---------------------------------------

- I would strongly recommend going through Cracking the Coding Interview book. - Practicing as many CP questions as possible is a must. Start giving coding contests early. - Many people wonder which coding website to use from preparation. I would advise you to pick any one of the coding websites (leetcode, interviewbit, or geeksforgeeks) and stick to it. - Revise DATA STRUCTURES AND ALGORITHMS. - During summers, you can do internships and projects to build your resume. I did both. If you manage your time, they should not be a problem in your preparations.