Rwit Panda

Rwit Panda, studying in IIT Kanpur as a B.Tech student will do his summer internship in QUANT profile at ALPHAGREP

- Firstly, I thought to start Intern prep in the summers but by talking to some seniors felt like summer is too late, So I started preparing for Intern from MID OF APRIL itself. - I started preparing for coding part from CODEFORCES and CODECHEF and for quant solved some puzzles and revised the concepts of probability and statistics. - Also for the Interview part I started to solve questions from LEETCODE. - I mainly prefer for the quant profile to go with and apply only for these roles. - As I haven’t done any project under professor due to the pandemic so to build my resume I did some of the courses from coursera to fill my Academic part.Also did some self projects from KAGGLE.

Open for CSE, MTH and EE. CPI criteria 8.0 and above.

- For the Interview and problem solving I suggest using brute-force strategies to approach the problem to solve most of the test cases . In Interview a lot of questions were asked from Object oriented Programming. - Continuity is very important when talking about CP so try to practice CP as much as you can. - In Summers if you are Research Enthusiast then go with a project under prof. whereas start focusing on Intern prep that is very important.