Ritik Saxena

Ritik Saxena, studying in IIT Kanpur as a B.Tech student will do his summer internship in GLOBAL MARKETS ALGO STRATEGIES INTERN profile at NOMURA STRUCTURED FINANCE SERVICES PVT LTD

Questions for answer - When did you start? I had started preparing in the summers - For what all profiles did you prepare I prepared for Software, Quant/Finance Roles - How part- - CODING : For coding , I had already done ESO207 in my 2nd sem and thus was proficient with DS and Algo basics. I revised my C++ and STL and then practiced questions on interviewbit, leetcode and gave contests at codeforces and leetcode. - APTITUDE/QUANT : For Quant and finance roles, I had done MSO201 in my 4th sem and I practiced probability questions from 50 challenging problems in Probability and prepped using Introduction to Quantitative Finance by Xin Fang Zhou. Aptitude questions don’t need preparation, just JEE notes of Maths can suffice in topics like P&C, Series, Trigonometry. - RESUME/HR: Resume: I made 3 resumes: 1 for software 1 for finance/quant and 1 for core. I had done an internship in the domain of Reinforcement Learning, and I had some self projects in the domain of Finance and Machine Learning for example House Prices Prediction, Candlestick Charts on Stock Prices Data. I had done some projects with Electronics Club as well , one on Reinforcement Learning and one on use of Arduino and Sensors to make a gimbal. I had also done a Web Dev internship cum project with CSE IITK under CSE Summer of Code. I divided the relevant projects/ internship in the corresponding resumes. HR: There are certain questions which any HR asks and they stay the same across the companies. For example , they will ask you indirectly whether you plan to go for higher ed as the companies do not like to hire interns who are less interested in corporate jobs. The HR will grill you on why you wish to work in the field and why not some other field. Once you survive these hits, the HR will probe into family details and this is a green signal to your interview process having gone well. - RESUME PREP TIPS: Make the resume as “to the point” as you can. Describe the projects, PORs in points rather than paragraphs. Use a typesetting tool to make a resume, its cleaner that way. Highlight important words in the lines and by words i mean terms for example, Collaborative Filtering, Matrix Factorization. These terms are the ones which the interviewer will grill you on. Keep the relevant projects in the internship only. Try to avoid filling in irrelevant stuff just to fill the one page. As then you will have a hard time justifying to your interviewers why you want to work in that field in the first place when the resume features some other field of work.

Major points to cover- - Interview experience I had a great interview experience, I had interviews for 2 profiles and so they took 6 technical rounds of mine and 1 HR round in which the HR asked me which profile I wish to choose. The thing which helped me the most was confidence and efficacy in communication and it was a result of my preparedness. - Prep tips – in general + company specific (if any) For Group Discussions: I would advise you to sit in mock GDs conducted by the SPO. I had not sat in any of those and that is why my first GD didn’t go well in another company. You need to be aware of the current affairs and have to formulate certain points on each topic so that you are able to speak fluently during the GD. - How to plan my summers- intern? Project? Intern prep? If you have 2 projects (ratified ones) and at least 1 of them is in the domain you wish to get an intern in , then I would advise you to fully devote the summers to internship preparation (especially coding). If you feel that the resume is not brushed up and can prove to be a problem , then get an internship through linkedin or the institute mails which come frequently. You can go for the club projects too or a project under a Professor.