Rishabh Kumar Chaudhary

Rishabh Kumar Chaudhary, studying in IIT Kanpur as a B.Tech student will do his summer internship in Software Development profile at JP Morgan Chase

- I started preparing for the internship season at the START OF JULY. Our interviews started in the first week of September and I had most of my tests in the last week of August. - I prepared only for the SOFTWARE DEVELOPER PROFILE. - I started my preparation by practicing coding on INTERVIEWBIT. It is a really helpful website as it has levels and topic wise questions. Along with that, I gave coding contests on CODECHEF and CODEFORCES. Giving those contests is really important as they are timed, helping us understand our speed. Also, in those contests, we have to develop our approach first whereas interviewbit has topic wise questions. Practicing on both simultaneously helps significantly in improving coding skills. - Preparing a GOOD RESUME is also an important part of securing an internship. You need to write all the relevant details in a concise way. The interviewer is not going to read the resume thoroughly. So, bold the important things like technologies used in the past. Write your past internships, if any, PORs in college, relevant courses and skills in a way such that someone can understand your expertise in a single glance on your resume.

- I had three interviews. The first one was completely technical. In it, we had a discussion about my INTERNSHIP in 2nd year at the start for 15-20 mins. I was asked about the technologies I used there, also, the impact of my work on the company. Then, there were some questions about GRAPH DATA STRUCTURE AND ITS ALGORITHMS. Lastly, I was asked 2 COMPETITIVE CODING QUESTIONS. The second interview was kind of chill, having 2-3 coding questions but also included many general questions about my internship and behaviour. Last was the HR round which included questions about internship, POR and how much do I know about the company. - PRACTICE COMPETITIVE CODING PROPERLY. - Be prepared for your resume in-depth. Be ready to answer anything which can be asked from your resume. - PRACTICE DSA AS MUCH AS YOU CAN. - TRY TO FIND AN INTERNSHIP IN SOME STARTUP OR SMALL COMPANY. Having work experience in your resume may give you an upper hand. Use your time wisely to study for internship season during summer.