Rishabh Gupta

Rishabh Gupta, studying in IIT Kanpur as a BS student will do his summer internship in No particular profile profile at Samsung Research Bangalore

- I had been practicing COMPETITIVE PROGRAMMING long before the Intern season but started preparing things specific to Internship interviews about a month ago and explicitly prepared for SOFTWARE and QUANT profiles. - As mentioned above, we started CODING long before Intern season, but about a month before the season, we started doing the “standard problems” asked in interviews and tests rather than competitive programming problems. We practiced on INTERVIEWBIT and LEETCODE. I believe InterviewBit has a comprehensive and organized set of problems for this purpose. - I used GEEKS FOR GEEKS and BRAINSTELLER to solve a lot of puzzles and excellent probability problems. - I spent around 4-5 days in the RESUME MAKING, but I believe that was a waste of time as I don’t think anybody notices those fine details. I had 2-3 good projects to talk about and a very few small POR’s to fill the miscellaneous section. - Be thorough in every point you write on your resume. Refrain from writing any point you are not confident about. - Prepare at least ONE GOOD PROJECT to talk about during interviews.

- After four interviews failed, I managed to clear this one. This was quite an easy one. It consisted of 2 tech rounds. Both of them focused on DS AND ALGOS. They asked pretty standard questions and the second interviewer spent some time discussing my resume. - The selection process is quitely random. The best thing you can have on your resume is a DECENT CPI, at least for the intern season. - Since we have just completed the second year, they don’t expect any significant project from you nor any advanced knowledge. They just want you to be good at things you have done, hence the CPI. - Most of the “day one companies” won’t let you give their tests if you have CPI < 8; even if they did allow, they wouldn’t consider further. The same thing happened to me as well. Coding will, of course, help in tests and interviews as well. Projects will matter as long as you explain them clearly when discussed. - If your main focus is getting an excellent Internship and got enough work or project to discuss in the interviews, I believe you should spend the time preparing for tests and interviews. - Don’t spend too much time making resumes. If you think you can manage preparation in a shorter period, you can do any relevant project or internship.