Rahil Jain (180575)

Rahil Jain (180575), studying in IIT Kanpur as a B.Tech student will do his summer internship in GTE INTERN (GRADUATE TRAINEE ENGINEER)(IMAGE PROCESSING) profile at BAJAJ AUTO LIMITED

- Prepared majorly for Non-Core, Software, Quant, Data Science profiles. - Had done a project in summer 2020 under Prof. Ketan Rajawat, and an artificial neural network project under P club. - Prepared Department courses and their technicalities well. - Started CODING PRACTICE IN MARCH; Used online resources like INTERVIEWBIT, LEETCODE, GEEKSFORGEEKS,etc. - Gave contests on CODEFORCES, to evaluate myself regularly.

- Open only for EE & ME - No CPI criteria.

- Used GeeksforGeeks to practice questions from previous interviews and streamlined my prep. - Practice communicating fluently in English and be confident. HAVE MOCK INTERVIEWS TO PRACTICE. - Prepare your Resume well in advance as it takes multiple tries to end up with a really good resume. Talk to seniors and work on their feedback. PRACTICE DEFENDING AND PRESENTING YOUR RESUME as it is one of the most common points of discussion in an interview. Huge plus if you can present your resume with more detail than that is mentioned in it. - START PREPARING AROUND MARCH so that you have enough time to prepare technicalities thoroughly. - Projects are a plus but for Software and Data Science profiles, previous interns and technical/coding skill have about the same weightage - Don’t take too much pressure. Work with the interviewer and back your skills.