Priydarshi Singh

Priydarshi Singh, studying in IIT Kanpur as a Double Major student will do his summer internship in SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT ENGINEER INTERN profile at AMAZON

PREPARATION: I didn’t prepare explicitly for the internship season. I used to PARTICIPATE IN CODING CONTESTS in the period of April-June 2020 (when there was nothing else to do for us) but stopped when I got busy with other things. I was preparing for another important interview in June (which got cancelled), for which a senior recommended the book “CRACKING THE CODING INTERVIEW”. I found the questions in the book too basic (70% of them could be solved with just ESC101 knowledge and some thinking), so I wouldn’t recommend that unless you are extremely weak in DSA. ROLES: I did not want to go into finance or data science or ML profiles, so I didn’t have to study any maths either. I was only interested in SDE ROLES, and I didn’t feel the need to prepare anything specific for that. CODING: I felt fairly confident in this part, so I didn’t prepare in any specific way. I’d just recommend you to solve more problems on websites like CODEFORCES etc. Also try participating in the TEST SERIES ORGANISED BY VARIOUS BODIES LIKE PCLUB OR ANC COUNCIL. APTITUDE: Do you, as an IITian, really need to prepare for aptitude? HR: I had planned that I’d prepare some common questions a day before my interviews, but sadly I had no interview scheduled in the first 1-2 weeks so I completely forgot about it. Amazon didn’t have an HR round, so not preparing for it didn’t cause any problems. RESUME: This is mostly about the content of your resume, so there can be no “preparation tips”. If you’re in 1st/2nd year- Just do a lot of amazing stuff now so you can fill your resume with it. Participate in SnT clubs’ summer projects, build self-projects, etc. The more you have, the better. Try working with startups on roles that are interesting to you. If you’ve completed your 2^(nd) year- There’s not much you can do now. Most SnT clubs have projects for 2^(nd) year people too, so you can do that if you don’t have anything for your resume.


GENERAL PREP TIPS: I’d only say that you should start doing things that interest you from the first semester itself. There is no rule which says you can’t work on a project with a prof in your first semester. Explore all the clubs that you like, and participate in as many events as you can. HOW TO PLAN SUMMERS: I recommend that you should do something really good in your 2^(nd) year summers (like a RESEARCH INTERNSHIP, or an INTERNSHIP IN A STARTUP, or SURGE, or GSOC – there are dozens of things to do, and you can pick anything depending on your interests). You should not try to follow the exact path as some cool senior you know, because you’ll fail if you try that. Once you have something solid set for your summers, you should continue participating in contests on websites like CODEFORCES etc. [if you stop participating in contests, it becomes really hard to restart :’( ] INTERVIEW EXPERIENCE: My interview was rather fun. I was given a tough question and I could not think of any solution initially. Then after 5 minutes of thinking, I came up with a brute force O(n^4) solution, which I then improved to O(n^2) after 10 more minutes, and then finally to O(n) after about 10 more minutes. At the end I asked the interviewer if that was the solution he expected, and interestingly, he had a different O(n log n) solution in mind. That’s why when I solved it in O(n), he took a lot of time to verify that it actually works. I was expecting at least 2 questions, and I initially thought that my interview was bad because I took a lot of time on the first question and didn’t have the time for second one, but then when I found that I had a better solution than the interviewer (with the same space complexity), I concluded that it was good. He also asked about my past projects and was impressed with my work experience. So by the end of the interview, I was fairly confident that I would be selected.