Priyanshu Saxena

Priyanshu Saxena graduating from IIT Kanpur, Branch- Mechanical Engineering department as a Graduate (B.Tech) in 2020 has been placed as Analyst in Axis Bank Limited.

1. Other companies that I was shortlisted for I was shortlisted for Sterlite Technologies – Graduate Engineer Trainee too in slot 2.2 along with Axis Bank. 2. Analysis of available options (based on profile, growth, compensation, Brand Name, etc) 1. Axis Bank – My primary interest was in the field of data analysis and machine learning and hence I was looking for profiles of quantitative researcher, analyst or business analyst. Axis bank provided with the exact opportunity of working as an analyst in the companies I was shortlisted for. Axis Bank has a renowned name and uses technology to make the banking systems more user friendly and appropriate to the consumers. Hence, this provides me ample opportunity for growth in the field. Compensation - Basic -12.1 LPA, Variable – 90K 2. Sterlite – Sterlite offered a Graduate Trainee position in the placement. The work profile was to work on their new evolving telecommunication network being laid out by the firm. The firm had great growth opportunities and had offers of working in Europe too. Compensation – 11LPA

I started preparing in August end (which was a bit late) by preparing for the coding and aptitude tests of the firms. 1. For aptitude tests, I prepared from Prepleaf practice tests which provided topic wise test series for all topics or quant, verbal and reading comprehension and statistics and ML. 2. For Coding Tests, I practiced on Hackerrank Interview preparation kit and random questions on GeeksforGeeks. My personal experience was that C++ proved to be the best language for placement test and therefore I kept in touch of all the essential libraries and functions which eased up the work. From October, I started preparing for interviews. The first thing was to brush up on all the projects and intern work which I had mentioned in my resume. Later, as my work profile was data analysis and ML oriented, I started studying more about ML models and data mining processes. One most important thing which students of this profile should study is SQL as that is frequently demanded in this field. Other than that, I started doing puzzles and probability problems on Brainstellar and GeeksforGeeks completed and revised them before the interviews. In the last week before the interviews, I prepared my introduction and how to explain all my projects and intern; and several common HR interview questions. Most of the time spent in the last week was dedicated to mock interviews with my friends so to refine my dialect and covering up on all loose ends which might have come up in the interview and practising case studies and guestimates.

I had just 1 interview on day 1 and then several interviews on day 2. 1) Slot 1.1: Finmechanics: The firm took an 2:15 hour test which included questions based on aptitude, coding, finance, software engineering. In the interview, it had 2 rounds: i. Technical Round: They asked me about my intern and my ML project. Later they moved on to few puzzles and probability questions. ii. HR Round: They asked about my long term goals and few puzzles in the HR round and it was concluded shortly. 2) Slot 2.1: a. Praxis Global Alliance: This firm offered the role for associate consultant and took an aptitude and coding test. In the interview, it had 4 rounds: The first round comprised of questions based mainly on resume and the work you’ve done. 2^(nd) round contained a guestimate and few probability questions. 3^(rd) round contained a business case study and few puzzles and probability questions and HR questions. I wasn’t shortlisted for the final round which I got to know was mostly HR round. 3) Slot 2.2: b. Axis Bank: The firm offered an analyst position and took an aptitude and coding test. In the interview, it had only 1 round. They first asked me about my projects and interns and went on to ask in depth questions about the specific parts of those. Later on they asked me few probability and aptitude questions. Then they moved on to a problem statement on their customer care network and asked for an appropriate ML model to solve that problem. Then there were some basic HR questions. c. Sterlite Technologies: The firm conducted 2 rounds of interview. The first round consisted of resume-based questions in which they asked in depth questions about my projects and intern. The 2^(nd) round was an HR round in which they asked my long term goals and willingness to relocate or working abroad. d. PayU : The firm offered a role of business analyst and conducted a test consisting of aptitude and coding questions and few ML questions. The interview had just 1 round due to delay as they took long interviews. In the interview started with questions on my resume about my projects and intern and in-depth questions as to the impact of those. Later they moved on to a guestimate and a business case study which was followed by some puzzles and aptitude questions. The interview ended with a couple of HR questions regarding why I want to join PayU and what are my plans regarding further studies.

1) Decide what profiles you’re going to apply for which will narrow down your area of study. 2) Make your resume according to those profiles and highlight your projects and skills for those profiles. Consult your seniors who applied in those profiles. 3) Start preparing for placement tests as early as June-July. Do not delay that to the time when companies start coming to the portal. 4) Do not delay your interview preparation and do mock interviews as they prepare you to a great extent for the pressure and ties up all loose ends on your resume. 5) Do guestimates and case studies and build a structured thinking process and those are important for consulting and business analyst profiles. 6) During interviews, frame your introduction in a way which highlights your strengths as that will give the direction to the further questions. 7) Stay relaxed and keep in touch with your seniors and friends throughout the process.

Final Tips :
All placements’ interviews happen in a week but the preparation behind those interviews and even up to get one of those interviews (throughs test and GDs) requires focused hardwork of months. So, start preparing as early as possible. Make a study plan covering all the topics you require for your profile. Do company wise interview preparation and ask your seniors and refer to insights for specific companies and profiles. Lastly, be confident and calm during the process as it can be really stressful at times and keep on trying because Placement drive is not a sprint but an endurance race!