Prashant Kumar

Prashant Kumar, studying in IIT Kanpur as a B.Tech student will do his summer internship in Intern-Product Engineer profile at Sprinklr

- Started preparing a month before the tests. However, I would recommend everyone to start earlier. - Prepared mainly for software, a little here and there for quant - How part- - Coding: Revise content of DS course. Focus on covering all the basic algo paradigm and data structures first. Problem solving skills(in interviews, the way you are approaching the problem matters a lot) and coding(for tests and interviews both) are both equally important - Aptitude/quant: Brush up your probability skills. Find sites with challenging puzzles, probability problems. - Resume/HR: I would suggest listing some technical and non-technical questions for the interviewers. This is very important as you should avoid the interview becoming too one-sided. Show HR that you are enthusiastic about the company. Questions to HR can be like, “What are the common qualities of people successful in this field that you have noticed over the years? ”. These are available on the internet. - Resume prep tips: - Be honest in your resume but make sure that it highlights the important points as you want - Don’t include anything that can put you in a spot. Ask seniors to do a critical review and give feedbacks - Most interviews start on the resume, so you should be careful and prepared about it

Dept - CSE. There was no CPI criteria.

Major points to cover- - Interview experience - I didn’t prepare for the interview or anything related to it because of the overconfident and carefree nature. This ruined Day 1 for me, but luckily, all those countless interview experiences were enough for me to glide through Day 2 interviews (though with a lot less confidence, I would say). So preparation is important! No matter how much faith you have in yourself, a week of practice can surely do wonders. - Make sure to be constantly in conversation with the interviewers and convey your approach to them. They want you to solve the problem and will help you with hints and directions - Prep tips – in general + company specific (if any) - Attend company presentations that will give you enough information. Do some research about the company- their products, technologies they use, customers, etc. - Try not to ask questions to them just for the sake of it. Do your homework and prepare good questions. Don’t ask HR things like work-life balance. If you want to know about it, ask seniors or contact some alum who has worked there. You shouldn’t be asking those questions anyway as you will get to know those things during the internship and then decide on your own. - Practice questions from geeks for geeks and other such sites. Competitive coding doesn’t cover all the problems. In fact, a large part of them can be found on gfg. Just skim through them like inorganic chemistry. - How to plan my summers- intern? Project? Intern prep? - Try to get an internship if you aren’t much into projects. GSoC is a good choice for it. Do something which can shine on your resume but balance the time with prep. Don’t be too stressed about it. It’s just the beginning of your career, and it doesn’t matter if you don’t get what you wanted. Just keep believing in yourself. That’s what really matters