Prakhar Pandey

Prakhar Pandey, studying in IIT Kanpur as a B.Tech student will do his summer internship in Software profile at Newzera Pvt Ltd

I started preparing for the Internship Season from August 2020 I prepared for Data Science and Software For Coding Practice I used Interviewbit and Leetcode (for practice) and geeksforgeeks (for learning) For Data Science I mainly focussed on understanding the basics Didn’t prepared much for HR RESUME PREPARATION TIPS Invest a lot of time in preparing your Resume and get your resume checked and verified by a lot of seniors

My Interview Experience was pretty nice. To the students preparing, I would suggest brushing up on the basics of whichever field they are applying for. Prepare for the Interview. Try to be confident in front of the interviewer. For a software profile, I would suggest start preparing early. Take at least 2-3 months (doing at least 5 question daily) For the summers, I would suggest either go for a corporate internship or go for a project. It is pretty easy to get an internship in startups. I would recommend doing an internship (or a project) in the field you want to go for the internship (through SPO).