Nishtha, studying in IIT Kanpur as a B.Tech student will do her summer internship in Junior Analyst profile at Citibank

Questions for answer - When did you start? – around the midsem break for 4^(th) sem - For what all profiles did you prepare – Software and data science related profiles - How part- - Coding – I did mostly from leetcode, interviewbit, geeksforgeeks ! you should also go for competitions on codechef, codeforces etc - Aptitude/quant – prepared from, 50 challenging problems, brainstellar, briangle - Resume/HR – prepared resume thoroughly, HR questions from material at SPO preparation portal and online (you will easily find them). - Resume prep tips - Prepare your resume as thoroughly as you can; you should know each and every bit about every project, por, skills you mention; if you are not confident about something, drop it. If you write something and then you are not able to defend, it gives a very bad impression - Make sure you don’t have any grammar/silly mistakes as they leave a bad impression; read it 10 20 time before submitting; no typos, no abbreviations, no misspells at any cost - Show your resume to as many seniors as you can to get advice - Prepare separate resume for separate profile you are targeting depending on the content - Prepare your resume in a decent formal format and not too fancy - Start preparing early as you will have atleast 10 20 drafts before final resume is ready - Keep it chronological and in a page; use only single font throughout the resume - Don’t leave blank spaces at the end of lines; try to make sure that each lines goes till the end


Major points to cover- - Interview experience – - Most important - be calm and don’t panic at the time of interview; trust me, it happens ! it cost me my intern at Microsoft where I couldn’t do a ques I had already done before. - A few days before interview, don’t try much just revise your resume thoroughly and try to revise basic theory depending on requirements of the profile. Don’t start new things last moment - During interview – be confident of whatever you say! Work on your soft skills as they matter A LOT during he interview - Microsoft – In the data science profile, they asked DSA question in the first round and then in depth discussion of project in the second round - Amex – In one round they asked Business case studies, in other they asked from projects, puzzles, basics of ML, guesstimates - Samsung – They asked ML basics and discussed projects in depth in one round followed by an HR round with basic HR questions - Citibank – One round was based on resume and then other was an HR round. Also they had us ask questions from their head in India to get to know their work - Prep tips – in general + company specific (if any) - Start as early as possible - For software related profiles – coding is a 0 level skill without which you wont have any chance; everyone assumes you know basics of DSA. Most companies ask DS questions in tests, interviews and they make you code in front of you (and in offline they make you write code on paper ! they do). Practice writing code on paper – as it is very different from coding on IDE and you will have to. - For ML profiles, try to get some good projects under prof. If not, then you can also take up challenges on Kaggle. I myself did and it helped a lot. For studying theory, you can find a lot of good courses online. Our institute as well offers CS771, you can try to take that up. - How to plan my summers- intern? Project? Intern prep? - Firstly, try to figure out which profiles you want to target. You must do that before summers start. Talk to seniors, learn about various profiles and the work on offer and plan according to what suits you best. You should have a plan ready before the summers start. - For all who are even thinking slightly for software, you HAVE to do coding in summers. That is compulsory. Apart from that, - You can try to take up intern if they offer good work (I mean don’t take a digital design intern (for ex) at this time if you are not going to go in that field.) - Try to contact profs according to your interest and get some project under a prof. - If not, then last option you can take up projects under clubs or self projects. - But DO NOT WASTE SUMMERS and DON’T SIT IDLE the whole summers. Do something productive that you can write in your resume and that would help you in coming intern season.