Muttineni Nithya

Muttineni Nithya, studying in IIT Kanpur as a B.Tech student will do her summer internship in SOFTWARE ENGINEERING INTERN profile at GOOGLE

- Started preparing around 2 months for the internship season. - Prepared for coding and quant profiles. - How part- - Coding part was prepared from GFG and interviewbit. Company wise from GFG whereas topicwise from interviewbit. Doing all the questions from interviewbit is highly advisable. Improve speed as well as accuracy while solving problems. Cover breadth while practicing problems as problems are generally repeated. - For aptitude/quant part refer to 50 challenging problems, GFG puzzles and probability and pariksha - Common resume/HR questions should be prepared prior to appearing for these rounds. - Resume tips 1. Don’t overdo while detailing the projects. 2. Extra curricular are generally not at all important when it comes to software profile. 3. Industry experience or software related projects helps you stand out.

No CPI criteria Resume Shortlisting CSE, EE, MTH.

- Don’t hesitate if you go wrong in the interview. Discuss with the interviewer and focus on telling the approach rather than the entire code. - Go for interns only when you are comfortable with coding. Instead go for some project if you are targeting 3rd year interns as it will save time. - Focus on improving your speed while coding.