Mrigya Gupta

Mrigya Gupta, studying in IIT Kanpur as a B.Tech student will do her summer internship in DATA SCIENCE profile at GARTNER RESEARCH AND ADVISORY SERVICES

Questions for answer - When did you start? I started preparing around 4 months before the start of the internship season. - For what all profiles did you prepare Data Science, Analytics, Techno-managerial - How part- - Coding I used InterviewBit and GeeksForGeeks for coding preparation. - Aptitude/quant - _50 Challenging Problems in Probability_ - Quantitative Aptitude Section from _Heard on the Street_ - Puzzles from InterviewBit and Brainstellar - Resume/HR - I went through some HR questions online. - I prepared every point on my resume really well. - Resume prep tips - Go through several sample resumes - Get suggestions on your resume from seniors

Major points to cover- - Interview experience Gartner had two interview rounds. FIRST ROUND- My first round began with some questions on object-oriented programming concepts like inheritance, polymorphism, class constructors etc. Then I was asked a simple question on array rotation. After that I was quizzed on a particular project in my resume. After the discussion on the project, I was asked questions on data science concepts like linear regression, gradient descent, regularization, underfitting, overfitting, and some questions about Pandas dataframe. At the end they asked me a simple quant question. SECOND ROUND- The second round was pretty easy compared to the first one. I was asked to describe the challenges faced, method and impact of any one project on my resume. Then I was asked about my POR (CS Operations Core Team) in detail. At the end there were few HR questions. - Prep tips – in general + company specific (if any) - For Gartner, I felt my projects and some of the online courses that I did on Data Science were really useful in the interviews. - Reading up something about the company also really helps in the interview to convey your interest in working for the company. - How to plan my summers- intern? Project? Intern prep? I think a good project or an intern definitely adds great value to your resume, so I think it is a good idea to try and manage that along with intern preparation.