Moksh Shukla

Moksh Shukla, studying in IIT Kanpur as a B.Tech student will do his summer internship in TECHNICAL TRAINEE profile at DR. REDDY LABORATORIES

- I started preparing for Intern from APRIL END starts with Coding practice from INTERVIEW BIT - I also did some self projects from KAGGLE and also did some courses related to Data Analytics, Data Science and ML from COURSERA. - And revise the core courses around a month before the Intern Season. - For Interview preparation I see the preparation guide on the CAREER PORTAL provided by ANC COUNCIL also talk to some of the seniors how to deal with HR questions. - I started my Resume preparation around 2 week before SPO verification. I took some help from the senior preparing my resume.

Open for CHE and ME. CPI criteria 6.0+

- I specifically want to suggest to the Core students try to prepare the Core Courses of their fourth semester well so that they can prepare themself beforehand. - For the Interview, I suggest to prepare well for HR questions and how to tackle HR questions, be confident at the time of Interview. - I suggest if students get any opportunity for Intern then it's a good practice to do an Intern in Summer and also try to prepare yourself for Intern along with your Intern or project.