Manoj Kumar

Manoj Kumar, studying in IIT Kanpur as a B.Tech student will do his summer internship in Software profile at SAP Labs India Pvt Ltd

- I started my intern preparation in May, which included coding practice(solved approximately 500 questions in 3 months of preparation), puzzle-solving, and completed a course on Data Structures(for which I joined DEMUX ACADEMY’S ONLINE COURSE in summers). - I hadn’t prepared for any specific profile. - As I mentioned above, I rigorously practiced coding questions from Leetcode which comprised of topic-wise questions, which helped a lot in clearing each topic’s concepts. - I maintained a HABIT OF PREPARING NOTES which includes basic code/syntax or any specific steps of every new type of coding problem which I come across during preparation which helped me in building the concepts. - I used the GEEKS FOR GEEKS and PARIKSHA SITE(Mobile version) for aptitude tests and puzzle-solving. Further, I practiced some probability-based questions from BRAINSTELLAR. Also, I cleared my basics and revised formulas that are useful in aptitude questions from INDIABIX. - I would suggest including AT LEAST ONE PROJECT IN YOUR RESUME, giving the interviewer some topic to discuss and engage with you and understand you better. Also, this project always need not be under the professor i.e. it can be a self-project or Coursera guided project.

No resume shortlisting and open for all branches.

- INTERVIEW EXPERIENCE- I cleared almost every technical round of every company. Still, I faced issues mainly in the HR round because I missed out on preparation for my resume-based questions. So, I would suggest THOROUGHLY REVISE YOUR RESUME several times before the interview. - Also, PREPARE YOURSELF FOR OUT-OF-THE-BOX QUESTIONS like they can ask you some non-profile questions. Talk to seniors to get some idea about the questions that were generally asked in your targeted company’s interviews. - During an interview, always TRY TO CREATE BONDING WITH THE INTERVIEWER over some point in your resume and it can be based on your achievements, projects, or anything. - I didn’t involve in any major summer project but tried to test my skills on some self-projects and included them on my resume. Also, MAKE THE BEST USE OF COURSERA, which comprises excellent courses on ML and related things, and try to clarify the concepts through any of their guided projects.