Manali Patil

Manali Patil, studying in IIT Kanpur as a BS student will do her summer internship in QUANT/ANALYST profile at GS

- Start around May start and prepare well during the summers. - Prepared for all coding related profiles. - Coding- Interview bit and GFG - Aptitude and Quant- 50 Challenging problems, Brain stellar, Gurmeet. - HR- Did first 5-10 questions from 70 HR questions book - Prepare a Master Resume well before the intern season and make subsets out of it (1 Page) for different profiles you are applying for.

There was some CPI Criteria, not disclosed + Test Based

- 3 rounds, some coding questions, some aptitude and quant questions, and some projects related questions. - 3 rounds of interview, most important thing is to show interest in the work the firm does and talk to the interviewer as much as you can. - Take something major up in the summers(project or an intern) and work on that along with the preparation, it helps as the interview is based a lot on the work done in the past summer.