M Yogesh Madhava Reddy

M Yogesh Madhava Reddy, studying in IIT Kanpur as a B.Tech student will do his summer internship in APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT profile at ORACLE

- I started my preparation in the start-mid of July. - I planned to apply for both Quant and Software profiles. - I did not really do a lot of coding, I just tried to be familiar with-it using interview bit where it is segregated level and topic wise. Since I had not done DSA I was not familiar with the popular data structures and algorithms. So I just learnt basics of STL from YouTube to begin with. Coding: 1. Few Questions from interviewbit, codeforces and gfg. 2. Most of my practice in coding was done during the intern season through the tests I gave for various companies, I tried to learn the solutions for the questions that came up in the test after the test from my peers which really proved to be helpful. Quant: 1. Puzzles and Questions from Brainsteller, gurmeet’s blog. 2. A practical guide to quantitative finance 3. Few problems from 50 challenging problems in probability. 4. MSO201A HR: AnC blogs, Glassdoor or other online sources for generic HR questions. Resume Preparation: Do not delay it, note down all you can think of and make your first draft without missing anything. Get it reviewed by your peers and seniors multiple times and each time amend it based on the reviews and suggestions.

General Tips: - Have a good and encouraging peer group to do prep with. - Do not stress too much on results of a test, take every test as a learning opportunity and try improving. When you find it too hard to handle talk to seniors/anyone you feel comfortable with. Puzzles are a good way to keep your mind away from stress. - If you don’t know where to start your prep from start with puzzles, basic problem solving is useful in all the profiles. If you are aiming for software profiles, there are some standard set problems the knowledge of which will help you a lot during your tests. If you haven’t done DSA, have a sequential approach towards coding where you go concept by concept rather than trying questions randomly. Interview bit is a very good platform to begin with. Interview: The interview that I gave was mostly about my understanding of concepts. You are often given the opportunity to drive the interview, where you are the one to tell them what you know based on which they will proceed further. So, make sure that you are clear about the areas/concepts you know. Even if it is only a few concepts it is important that you have a clear understanding of the basics in those before you enter the interview process.