Kanishk Gupta

Kanishk Gupta, studying in IIT Kanpur as a B.Tech student will do his summer internship in Data Science profile at Express Analytics

- I started during July end and targeted mainly ML/Data Science and Software profiles. - I practiced coding questions on InterviewBit and followed Brainstellar for puzzles and quant-related problems. - I didn’t focus much on resume building and HR round preparation; I just talked to a few seniors about improving my resume. - I would suggest looking at different resumes, so you get an idea about how to present your projects and PORs. Once you have a draft, consult a few seniors or friends to improve.

- My interview was mostly around discussing the projects mentioned in my CV and a few questions on ML algorithms’ basic concepts mostly mentioned in my CV. - I would say that CS771 is an excellent place to start for ML theoretical questions. Working on projects where you implemented a neural network or ML gives the interviewer some points to talk about and a chance for you to show that you have some hands-on knowledge. - Try to practice basic SQL and Python for data-oriented roles, and depth isn’t necessary. - I would say that having an intern experience or a project is a good point. Preparation alone might not be beneficial. - The primary factor in my selection was to have a good project in my CV.