Jaya Maheswari

Jaya Maheswari, studying in IIT Kanpur as a Double Major student will do her summer internship in Analyst profile at Goldman Sachs

- I chose one coding platform to practice, tried to stick to it, prevented switching between them, and practiced on few sites like GEEKS FOR GEEKS, INTERVIEWBIT, and LEETCODE. - I used 50 CHALLENGING PROBLEMS, BRAINSTELLAR for aptitude, and quant-based questions. - Make your resume in advance and proofread it about 7-8 times. Every point on the resume should be to the point. No exaggeration, and get them reviewed by seniors.

No CPI criteria as such and were open to all departments.

- I shall give my personal experience it varies from person to person and company to company Round 1: 1. I had two rounds of interviews, both technical of 30 min each, and problems were tough. 2. No questions were asked based on my resume and no HR questions. 3. It was on Probability, Maths, and Algorithms. - Mainly they assessed on-the-spot thinking capability. They were observing your approach towards solving a problem, and they were even helping me out. Keep the interviewer engaged and keep telling him/her in which direction you are proceeding and why you are doing this.