Ishan Jharkharia

Ishan Jharkharia graduating from IIT Kanpur, Branch- Mth department as a Graduate (B.Tech) in 2020 has been placed as SDE in Dream11.

a) Other companies that I was shortlisted for b) Analysis of available options (based on profile, growth, compensation, Brand Name, etc) Ans 1 a) I was shortlisted for interviews at American Express, Dream11, Amazon, Grow and EXL. Ans 1 b) I prefer to go in a high growth start-up so in that there are two companies for which I was shortlisted for are Dream11 and Grow, but I more like the Dream11 profile wise as in Grow the profile is of Product Manager, which I feel does not suit me very well.

Ans ,2) At the time of Intern I did Interviewbit, which I revised before the placement season and also solved the ‘Must Do’ questions from GFG, and I also prefer to practice company wise questions from Leetcode. I prepare for most of the profiles like for Finance, Quant as well as Product Management, for the Finance profile as I did some of the courses related to this field so not prepare as much. For the Quant profile I did ’50 challenging problems in probability’ and also practiced puzzles from Brainstellar. For Product Management, I refer to ‘Cracking the PM interview’.

AMERICAN EXPRESS: They asked puzzles, Probability and Technical Data Interpretation based Case study in their shortlisting test. In Interview they also asked some probability questions and some puzzles afterward they asked questions related to all the projects listed in my resume and also questions related to the topic of my projects. DREAM11: They took a coding test on hackerearth which consisted of 2-3 questions. In Interview the First round is Programming round in which they ask coding question which we have to explain the whole process, then in next round they asked some puzzles and probability questions and also questions from resume about the projects and the intern and The next round is HR round, In which they just asked some questions related to POR and extracurricular activities. AMAZON: In the shortlisting test, there are two coding questions and many probabilities questions along with amazon cultural fit questions like HR types questions. In the Interview there are two rounds. In both rounds there are coding related questions.

There are a lot of Good companies visiting on Day 2 and Day 3 so do not prioritize yourself for Day 1 companies, just try to go with those companies which you are aiming for. Try also to prepare HR questions beforehand and also try to prepare your resume as well as you can, try verifying your resume by your friend and your seniors. Try to build your resume in such a manner like highlighting your achievements also includes numbers, bold some of the major points.

Final Tips :
Like Some of the students stuck at some point with the interviewer, so to deal that one my senior advised me to suppose the interviewer as your future colleague, it may help you to deal with that situation. Try to keep yourself calm during the Interview process, don’t lose hope if you do not get selected on Day 1 or Day 2.