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Welcome to the Preparation Portal of Students' Placement Office, IIT Kanpur. This portal provides the resources to help students develop their professional skills whether it be in terms of placement, higher studies or internships. You can also find data regarding the Placement & Internship statistics of last year.

We have also put up a number of guides containing the experiences of your seniors so that you can learn from their mistakes & achievements. We sincerely hope that you will make the best possible use of this portal.However if you feel something is missing on this portal, do let us know. We would be happy to help you out.

Preparation Resources

Your resume is essentially a marketing tool highlighting your skills & achievements according to the position you are applying to. It may take more than 20 drafts before you actually get a appropriate resume. Hence it is extremely important that you ask several people to review your resume and proofread it many times. Resume Critique Sessions will also be organized by SPO at regular intervals, but it is important that you already have a refined draft before you come for these sessions so that you can derive maximum benefit.

Given below are a set of guidelines for making a resume. You are also advised to refer to the Resume Workshop PPT's for more information

  • The Technical CV should either be of 1 Page or of 2 Pages.

  • The Non-Technical CV should be of 1 Page Only.

  • The CV shouldn't have more than 750 words and no less than 500 words.

  • The page format should be as plain as possible without watermark.

  • The Margin shouldn't be less than the 'Narrow' Margin (0.5" on all sides) as provided by Windows Microsoft Margin option.

  • Font Size: Shouldn't be less than 9 for the content

  • Font Size for italics used for references as '*' : Shouldn't be less than 6

  • Font Type: Normal, Bold: for regular use; Italics: only for 'year' information or '*' (that too is optional)

  • Preferred Fonts: Times New Roman, Garamond, Tahoma, Verdana, Book Antiqua, Courier New, Calibri, Cambria, Palatino Linotype, Arial

  • Use only one 'Font' in the complete CV. You can use bold to emphasize some of the words but the 'Font' shouldn't change in your entire CV.

  • Font Color: Strictly Black

  • The shade at any place in your CV shouldn't be more than 25%. So, you can have no Shade, 5% Shade, 15% Shade and 25% Shade

  • The main heading of your CV should be your Name with Font size at least double to the content Font size of your CV.

  • The Heads and your name should have TITLE CASE style.

  • The possible headings are: (Though the list is quite exhaustive, a few outliers would be accepted based upon discretion; Also you can skip the heads which are not relevant as per your CV)
    • Education/ Educational Details/ Academic Qualification/ Academic Details/ Academic Performance
    • Academic Achievements/ Curricular Achievements/ Scholastic Achievements/ Academic Excellence
    • Co-curricular Activities/ Co-curricular Achievements
    • Awards/ Honors/ Achievements/ Rewards
    • Other Achievements
    • Research Paper/ Paper Publication/ Term Papers/ Publications/ Patents
    • B Tech Project/ M Tech Thesis
    • Projects/ Key Projects/ Relevant Projects/ Live Project Experience/ Key Academic Projects/ Technical Projects
    • Summer Internship/ Internships/ Professional Experience/ Industry Internships
    • Work Experience/ Industry Experience/ Entrepreneurship Experience/ Social Entrepreneurship
    • Initiatives Taken/ On-Campus Initiatives/ Social Initiatives/ Sports Initiatives/ Organizational Initiatives/ Cultural Initiatives/ Creative Initiatives/ Strategic Initiatives
    • Other Initiatives
    • Positions Of Responsibility/ Leadership/ Team Building Activities
    • Extra-Curricular Activities/ Extra-Curricular Achievements
    • Relevant Courses/ Important Courses/ Finance Courses/ Management Courses/ Operational Courses/ Professional Courses/ Programming Courses
    • Technical Skills/ Relevant Tools/ Relevant Skills
    • Interests and Hobbies
    • References

  • 'Education' Head:
    • The content should be tabular form Only
    • The first column of the year should be 'year' information
    • The content in the table should be in reverse chronological order

  • Any 'Achievements' or 'Activities':
    • Definitely mention the year of Activity or Achievement

  • 'Publication':
    • Mention the Full name of Journal with its Issue of Publishing if the paper is published; if it is under review, mention the Full name of Journal for which the publication is submitted

  • 'Internships' or 'Work Experience':
    • Write proper date (or, Month) of start and end of the experience as mentioned in the certificate or reference provided to you

  • 'Positions of Responsibility':
    • Please write authentic figures Only as per communicated by the Festival Coordinator or Festival Report or any other valid authority or document
  • Click here for Resume Making Guidelines

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