Geetam graduating from IIT Kanpur, Branch- Ee department as a Graduate (B.Tech) in 2020 has been placed as Software Engineer, Hardware technology in Apple.

a) Other companies that I was shortlisted for – Zomato, Accenture Japan, Plutus Research, NK securities, Flipkart, Oracle, Amazon, Wells Fargo etc b) Analysis of available options (based on profile, growth, compensation, Brand Name, etc) SDE offers good growth and compensation.

Coding on leetcode, algorithms revision from geeksforgeeks, Resume preparation. Codeforces in NOT mandatory for company placements.

Most companies which I applied for(SDE, Quant) ask medium-level coding questions, preparations for which can be done using leetcode medium/hard problems along with past year company questions docs available on internet(most important).

Do’s – Keep practicing coding, solve coding questions with a timer at hand(most medium/hard questions should be given max 30 mins, after that see the solution assimilate it and move on), while solving company docs memorize some popular algo even if it is difficult(company questions are most often repeated), don’t lie during the interview even if it seeming puts you back, honesty is the key to the selection, spin something untrue only if you’re sure it can be backed up effectively, write things like OS in resume only if you have some understanding of the OS UG course(geeks for geeks may not be enough for big SDE companies). Don’t’s – Don’t lie during an interview, don’t take code forces performance as a standard for placement hopes(placements are very different from code forces contests), don’t skip questions after the algorithm is understood(code it),

Final Tips :
Confidence is the key.