Devanshu Gupta

Devanshu Gupta, studying in IIT Kanpur as a B.Tech student will do his summer internship in Mechanical Core profile at Ferrites India

- I started my preparation for the intern season during the mid of 3rd sem . - I prepared for the Software profile, Core profile and Technomanagement profile. - How part - For Coding, I started competitive coding from different platforms i.e. LEETCODE, HACKERRANK, CODEFORCES etc. and I think that for practice the best platform in my opinion was Leetcode and for contests codeforces. - For Aptitude there is no specific website in my opinion, I solved every problem I see that I find interesting about PROBABILITY OR LOGICAL REASONING. - For the Interview, I approached seniors to take the mock interviews and also discussed with the friends how to break the ice and how to drive the interview.

- My Interview experience was quite informal from what I had expected. - For preparing for APTITUDE, try solving as many questions as possible and also work on the ALGORITHMS as it is a good exercise for working out brains. - For deciding between intern, building profile and projects, we should set our priorities straight and also according to the resume if it is aptly filled then we can apply for Interns but if it is incomplete it is better to go for projects in the field of interest or we can go for developing the profile if not sure what we want to do.