Chittoor Murari

Chittoor Murari, studying in IIT Kanpur as a B.Tech student will do his summer internship in INTERN- TECH profile at ZOMATO MEDIA PVT LTD

- Started the preparation in the summers for Data Analytics, Software, Core (Analog and digital) - Did rigorous coding practice on INTERVIEWBIT, revised ESO207 - For Aptitude/Quant, revised MSO201, and solved puzzles from BRAINSTELLAR, didn’t focus particularly on aptitude - For resume, prepared how to justify the resume points; gone through the reports of my projects for the revision part - Resume prep tips - start with listing out all that you’ve done. then focus on one particular point and expand it. show it to seniors, discuss and correct. Repeat till you’re satisfied with your resume. - Go through the resume prep guidelines (ppt) and sample resumes of seniors.

Open for elect branches (CSE, EE, CHE, ME, and few others)

- I had given 4 interviews. In the first 3, I’ve developed a way to present my resume. and in 4th, I gave my best. Golden Rule: Be confident and friendly. - Coding. - If you’re in the second year, I’d advise you to take up a project and along with that, do a lot of coding. If you’re for ‘core’ then revise the core courses.