Chinmaya Singal

Chinmaya Singal, studying in IIT Kanpur as a B.Tech student will do his summer internship in SOFTWARE DEVELOPER INTERN profile at D. E. SHAW INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED

I mainly started preparing in July so around 1-2 months before the internship tests started. My main focus during preparation was on software profile so I practiced and revised concepts of Data Structures and Algorithms. For coding, I primarily focused on solving at least one question from each category on InterviewBit. They have a good catalogue of questions from almost all categories that are asked for in the interview. Besides that, I revised my notes from the Data Structures and Algorithms course. I didn’t do any specific preparation for aptitude/quant. It was mainly based on past knowledge and improving by giving many interview tests. For my resume, I asked some of the seniors who I know and trust for their resume and prepared my resume by taking inspiration from them. Once a draft with the major points was made, I polished it by taking feedback from seniors, peers and family members. Make sure you know about whatever you write in the resume since if you answer incorrectly about the stuff you have written then it will make a bad impact. Keep it short and to the point, don’t unnecessarily extend a point if it doesn’t add any value. Make sure to take feedback from as many people as you can to brush up any issues which you may have missed.

The interviewers are usually understanding and try to help you even if you don’t know the answer. So, avoid panicking if you don’t know the answer. They will usually give you some hints so that you can reach the answer. They are there to test your abilities rather than just memory so as long as you can reach the answer even if you have to use some hints, it should be fine. While preparing, try to solve questions on your own as much as you can without taking help of hints since that will improve your skills. But also don’t overdo it as well, if you can’t figure out the solution for a long time then you can search for some hints since there is not much point wasting too much time on a single question. Try to practice at least one question from each category. For example, on InterviewBit, questions are categorized into a general topic and then some specific category they are targeting. Questions in a single category are almost the same so try to solve at least one question from each category rather than going for all questions which can lead to missing out some categories. Projects/Internships are nice to have although I don’t really think they are necessary. You can try to get an internship in a startup during summers. It would usually be a low paying one but it is good to have if you do not have any major experience before.