Chaman Agrawal

Chaman Agrawal graduating from IIT Kanpur, Branch- Chemical Engineering, Second Major: Electrical Engineering department as a Graduate (B.Tech) in 2020 has been placed as Quantitative Research & Trading Analyst in AlphaGrep.

a) Other companies that I was shortlisted for b) Analysis of available options (based on profile, growth, compensation, Brand Name, etc) I was shortlisted for six companies in 1.1, six in 1.2 and ten in Day-2. Based on compensation, most of the offers were good having 20+ base salary. In terms of profile, I was shortlisted for Quant and SDE roles.

For coding, I used leetcode and codeforces. I did contests on codeforces regularly which was very helpful and practiced standard questions from leetcode. For quant, I used websites: brainstellar, gurmeet, and puzzling.stackexchange; books: 50CP and Xinfeng Zhou; and course slides from CS203B (very good). Instead of focusing on solving more and more new problems, I tried to revisit solved problems that had unique and different solutions, this helped in getting the most from each problem solved.

AlphaGrep: Overall good experience. There were multiple interviewers in each round asking questions alternatively. Interviews were very interactive and solutions were discussed in-depth. In total there were three rounds for both profiles combined. Google: Very bad experience (specially compared to off-campus Google interviews). The interviewer was not interested at all in taking the interview, he didn’t even bothered to introduce himself or talk in any way and directly asked me to read instructions and question from the shared google doc and write answer there, didn’t bothered for any kind of discussion.

1. Be confident, believe me it helps a lot. 2. Try to first clearly understand the question, ask doubts if necessary. 3. Think out loud and build your solution while discussing it with the interviewers. 4. Don’t take introduction and resume review part lightly, know well why you are interested in that company.

Final Tips :
Just try to give your best and don’t panic if some interviews or tests didn’t go well. There will be a lot of opportunities, don’t be too hard on yourself if you miss some of them.