Atin Vikram Singh

Atin Vikram Singh, studying in IIT Kanpur as a Double Major student will do his summer internship in ASSOCIATE profile at SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS, SOUTH KOREA

- Due to the short semester, got a long summer to prepare for the intern season. Started preparing for internships in March after the lockdown. - Prepared for software and quant roles as described below- - Coding questions can be generally prepared through a plethora of competitive coding sites such as codeforces, codechef, interviewbit, leetcode or GFG. - Brushing up MSO201 concepts (the part till distributions) and preparing from 50 challenging problems for quant roles. - Prepare your resume and contact seniors for resume verification. Ask your friends for some advice. It generally takes 5 - 6 editing to get to a good resume. Never hesitate to reach out.

Open to CSE and EE students. CPI >= 8.5

Major points to cover- - Interview was fairly simple with one question on BFS/DFS. Focus more on the approach to the question rather than focusing on writing entire codes. Interact with the interviewer. - Good grasp on DSA topics is a must. - Start preparing now for the interns as the summer is very uncertain. - Having industry experience in the resume matters. Helped in getting shortlisted in rubrik. - How to plan my summers- intern? Project? Intern prep?