Anshika Choudhary

Anshika Choudhary, studying in IIT Kanpur as a B.Tech student will do her summer internship in BUSINESS ANALYST profile at OYO

i) I started preparing in June-July. ii) I had done surge in my 2nd year, though it was not directly related to this role, but it did help as the interviewer had some knowledge about my core project. iii) I had a done a very basic course on SQL that helped me solve the paper. Also, I had given a few aptitude tests earlier also. I learn concepts from “Python for Everybody” course from Courseera and for practice I practiced from Pariksha prepleaf. iv) For GD and interviews I practiced a lot with my friends and from mocks. v) Since OYO came in November, I had good insight of tests and interviews from past experience.

So for students who are preparing, first of all, maintain a descent CPI(>7.0), so that you get shortlisted. Now for the coding test, you have to practice as much as you can. For interviews, prepare your resume very well and don’t say anything fake during interview regarding your skills. For GD part, form a group with your friends and do regular discussion. At last, try to be honest with the interviewer.