Ankur Banga

Ankur Banga, studying in IIT Kanpur as a B.Tech student will do his summer internship in DATA SCIENCE profile at AB INBEV

Questions for answer - When did you start? I started preparation properly 1-2 weeks after the midsems since the rest of the sem was cancelled but I had experience in competitive programming since my 1st year. I also did MSO201 in the 4th sem. Although my focussed prep truly starts during summer. - For what all profiles did you prepare. Software, Data Analytics, Quant, Finance - How part- - Coding - InterviewBit, LeetCode, Codechef and Codeforces contests, PClub archive series - Aptitude/quant - Standard books like 50 problems in probability, MSO201, brainstellar puzzles - Resume/HR - Made a resume and consulted some seniors to give me editing tips. Not much for HR, just practised answers to some of the standard questions before the interview. - Resume prep tips - Try to portray a diverse/multi-talented profile. - Mention any significant thing that you may have done in a set order of preference. - Do not leave white/blank spaces. Ensure that every line takes up at least 60% of the width. - Describe your projects in ample detail and emphasize achievements/success more. - Mention multiple PoRs (1-3). Prioritize significant ones. Try and explain significant ones better rather than mentioning more. - Get opinions on it from atleast 5 seniors who are/have interned in the fields you are aiming for.

- Practice 2-3 GDs in a small group of friends moderated by a senior. Crisp ideas and clear communication in the GD will help a lot. - The interview was divided into two parts, technical and HR. Panels of both helped me feel comfortable. Be an expert on everything mentioned on your resume. Technical details/Motivation/Results/Experience. For the HR round, be honest and clear on your answers. Practise standard questions mentioned on SPO website. Try to steer the conversation towards things you are excited/confident about. Study up a bit on the company you are interviewing for. - Prep Tips - Use C++ for coding and get comfortable with STL. Try to think of solutions to questions for 1-2 days yourself before looking at the solution. Maybe partner up with a friend and give contests together and discuss problems. Be a master at arrays/maps/lists etc. before moving onto DP or graphs. Revise some aspects of jee maths, especially prob stats and PnC. Go through the SPO suggested resources for prob stats thoroughly. Practice giving aptitude and coding tests in a fixed time frame. (Geeks for Geeks is a good source for tests). - Summer - Try to do a project/intern/hackathon/competition related to the field you are aiming for, or do some other project. Mainly, do not sit idle thinking that you will only prep for interns. A 2-4 hour dedication to prep every day should be enough. Coding takes up most of the time, so start on that ASAP and practise every alternate day at the least. If you haven’t done MSO/HSO201, start prob stats as well from any decent resource. Keep in touch with seniors who can give you sound advice and keep asking doubts, even if it’s a minor thing. No need to be stressed about interns, just set your goals/expectations and work towards them. Delay HR/GD/Resume prep till the end. It can be covered in less than a week as well.