Akshan Agrawal

Akshan Agrawal, studying in IIT Kanpur as a Double Major student will do his summer internship in QUANT PROFILE profile at BARCLAYS GLOBAL SERVICES INDIA PVT LTD

I started preparing for the internship technically from Summer 2020 and specifically near the intern season for prep specific to the Quant role. I prepared basically for the Mechanical Core profile, Quant profile, and some software profile-based companies. If you are preparing for any non-core profile then learning algorithms and practicing for coding should be started at the earliest. Though specifically talking about Barclays, algorithm-based questions were asked in the interview and no competitive coding questions were asked in general. Learnings from the course on Data Structures and Algorithms is sufficient. The interview usually revolves around probability, statistics, and puzzle-based questions. Good knowledge of “Statistics” is a must and not just “Probability”. For any quant role and puzzle-based questions, one can refer to Geeks for Geeks, Brainstellar, or Braingle. In general, questions are based on critical thinking skills and are not so tough or out of context. Also, in some rounds, most of the questions are based on the resume. While making a resume, make sure you have sufficient knowledge of what you have mentioned in the resume. Since it is a Quant role, try to quantify each data or result mentioned in your resume in the projects section. I will suggest not to leave the majority of the sections in the resume only in a qualitative fashion. It should be quantified. This is in general true for most of the profiles in my opinion. Also, specifically talking about Barclays, any point mentioned in the resume can be asked by the interviewer. So, it is advised that you have comprehensive knowledge of what you mentioned in your resume. Additional: I am attaching few important links and other resources here, those who are highly interested can also refer this if you find time: _For Quant: 1) Xinfeng Zhou Pdf w 2) Timothy Falcon (.djvu file) _ _ ew _ _So, the link below contains the converted .pdf: _ _ 4Wky?usp=sharing_

The interview experience had been quite amazing for me. First, let me tell you about the process. Overall, there were 4 technical rounds and 1 HR round after the shortlisting process. Two of which were taken by interviewers from the London firm. First-round was based on resume, Guesstimate questions, and projects. Also, there may be few ice breaking questions depending on the mood of the interviewer. The next round included questions from algorithms and Statistics. The third round was specific to the knowledge of computer science and algorithms. Few questions were asked to check the knowledge regarding the technical utilities one has mentioned in the resume. The last technical round was based on the puzzle questions and probability and the remaining questions were asked from a resume (in my case from Machine Learning). The final round was the HR round. Advice: I will advise that one should be highly clear about the profile and company, one is targeting and should prepare accordingly, practicing questions according to each profile, being the must. In case one is not sure about any profile or company, feel free to contact the senior batch students and accordingly strategize for the interviews and shortlisting tests. Also, in interviews, one should be clear about every point mentioned in the resume as most of the time it may lead the further conversations. Also, it will be highly appreciable if you could connect your points with the profile you targeted and the values of the company. It may define yourselves and will let the interviewer know why you are a suitable candidate. For example, for Barclays, the role revolves around Quant, with a focus on the values of the company: “RISES”. So, you can try to connect or show some of the qualities that revolve around the role of that company, but don’t give any vague arguments. I think this was what I felt to share! For most of us, the intern process is quite worrying and tiring. Be patient and calm. And try to not feel dejected or disappointed, if you are not selected. No exam or evaluation will ever come to show us what we are capable of or the life that’s waiting for! Opportunities always come, disguised in some or other form. Wish you all the best for the upcoming intern season!!!