Akhilesh Sharma

Akhilesh Sharma, studying in IIT Kanpur as a B.Tech student will do his summer internship in SOFTWARE ENGINEER profile at GOOGLE

- I started coding in the lockdown itself from websites like CODEFORCES, CODECHEF, ATCODER. - In the last two-three weeks of summer preparation, I prepared for the INTERVIEW and tried to cover all possible scenarios that could be asked in the interviews. - I had prepared myself for questions related to QUANT, PROBABILITY. For this, I did questions from the book ‘FIFTY CHALLENGING PROBLEMS IN PROBABILITY’ and also from the website BRAINSTELLAR. - Though, for google specifically, I tried to focus on strengthening my coding skills. - I had prepared my resume well ahead of time and then updated it when required.

Open for CSE, EE, MTH only. There was NO CPI criteria.

- Maintain a DECENT CPI as some companies have a CPI shortlisting criteria also. - Start preparing as early as possible and try to finish your preparation a week before the internship drive as there is a lot of panic in the last week especially. - IF you are confident in yourself, then be wise to fill in your targeted companies only as it will keep the workload less and help to keep your calm in the internship session. - Make sure to mention whatever you have done in your resume as you never know what point about you might interest the interviewer. But, you should be able to DEFEND your resume. - Projects in a resume may not matter as much as CP and CPI. But, having one or two key projects is beneficial. You should be well prepared for any questions related to your resume and projects. - Mentioning contest rating for well known websites like codeforces, competitions like GOOGLE KICKSTART, GOOGLE CODEJAM, FACEBOOK HACKERCUP, etc is advantageous for companies like DE Shaw, Google, etc. - For summers, focus on coding mainly and it is okay if you do not have any project or internship this summer. You can invest that time to hone your other skills like coding and interview skills.