Soumya Gupta

Soumya Gupta graduating from IIT Kanpur, Branch – Chemical Engineering department as a Graduate (B.Tech) in 2020 has been placed as – Associate Business Analyst - Marketplace in – Flipkart.

a) Other companies that I was shortlisted for - FinMechanics, BlackRock, Alphonso, AbInBev, EXL, Mastercard, Hilabs, Postman, Jaguar and LandRover, HSBC b) Analysis of available options (based on profile, growth, compensation, Brand Name, etc) This link contains the JDs of all the above companies.

Resume preparation is a significant initial step of the placement preparation. Ideally, one needs to start making the resume soon after mid-July. If it is possible to make a resume for various profiles, do it. I made a resume for both core (ChE) and finance & analytics profiles and made one with consulting format though it was not much different from the finance resume. Get your resumes reviews by seniors currently placed in your target companies. Don't worry if your cpi is relatively less or your resume is not as strong as your peers; in placements, interview shortlists are decided by your performance in the respective tests. Coming to preparation for the tests (they start 1-2 weeks before the midsems). I was majorly targeting quant, fintech, and analytics profiles. These profiles required a reasonably good practice of coding, probability, statistics, general aptitude, the concept of oops, and ML knowledge. Finance-related questions are not asked in the tests. Hence, I started practising for CP from sources like interview bit, GfG, Leetcode etc. I practised 5-6 problems daily and maintained a google sheet for all the problems I did. For quant and analytics, I practised from brainstellar, brilliant, gurmeet puzzles and some of the famous books ( I solved old CAT papers for aptitude preparation. Interview Prep- I prepared well for questions related to my resume. You must be able to answer most of the things which are asked from the resume; hence one should be thorough with their resume. Before the interview, I penned down answers for the most common HR questions; it really helped a lot. I forgot to prepare well for guesstimates and cases, but they are very very important, prepare for that by making groups.

Placement is a very draining process; first, there are continuous tests, then the packed interview schedule. It is tough to keep your calm during the whole process. Company-wise process – FINMECHANICS (Day 1 slot 1) Test - Aptitude, Basic Finance Interviews - 1st Round (30 minutes)- General resume based question, some puzzles from brainstellar, and two coding questions. The interview went pretty well, but I was not shortlisted for further rounds(overall, 10-12 students were selected for the 2nd round) BLACKROCK (Day1 Slot 2) The test was not conducted (Direct resume shortlisting) Interviews - 1st Round(30 minutes) - Resume-based question, some HR questions, various puzzles, and python questions which required a deep knowledge of the language. I could not make up to the 2nd round. ALPHONSO (Day1 Slot2) Test - All sorts of aptitude questions in very little time, Coding section(only pseudo code required), and a type of business problem. Interviews - Round 1(40 minutes) - Like all other interviews, it also started with a walk me through your resume type questions. There were four people in the panel; each asked me questions from different topics, including puzzles, probability, programming, and culture fit questions. Round 2(50 minutes) - It was a conversational interview; it started with the same general questions; the interviewers discussed my hobbies. Then they gave me a case to solve. Both the interviews went very well, but they didn't call me for the last round. FLIPKART (Day1 slot2) Test - Aptitude test Interviews - Go through the placement guide published by UG AnC.

Do's 1. Prepare your resume well 2. For tests, solve as many problems as you can, go through the Inter IIT doc; many questions are repeated from previous years. 3. Work on your communication skills for interviews; if possible, do at least one mock interview. Dont's 1. Don't ignore your academics entirely during the whole placement process.

Final Tips :
Keep your friends close and all the best.