Shivam Goyal

Shivam Goyal graduating from IIT Kanpur, Branch – Material Science And Engineering department as a Graduate (B.Tech) in 2020 has been placed as – Software Development Engineer in – Amazon.

During placements, I interviewed for Alphonso Labs and Amazon. Amazon, being one of the world's top companies and an intensive tech company, that choice was perfect for me. I did Google Summer of Code 2019 at FFmpeg, and I interned at GuardianWealth Inc. Before placements, I was also heavily engaged in creating my own startup with my friend.

I solved various problems related to algorithms and data structures, mainly on leetcode and interview-bit. I also revised DSA lecture slides. All of these were much helpful in shortlisting for Amazon and other companies.

The test for Amazon consisted of coding, debugging, and HR-related questions. The interview was also mainly technical. It was an excellent experience for me. As the situation was different due to CoVID-19, and all the procedures were in online mode. The schedule for the tests and the interview became very hectic.

Practice well for algorithms and data-structures related questions. This is the most important thing to get shortlisted for the interviews. Even if you have a piece of good knowledge about a specific area like web development or machine learning, a good practice of algorithms and data structures is still required.

Final Tips :
You can’t be the best in everything, but you can give your best in everything you do, and if you do so, you will indeed become the best in the thing you enjoy doing :)