Shashi Ranjan

Shashi Ranjan graduating from IIT Kanpur, Branch – Mechanical Engineering department as a Graduate (B.Tech) in 2020 has been placed as – Software Engineer/Consultant in – Larsen & Toubro Infotech Ltd..

I had been shortlisted for Wells Fargo, Alphonso, Fareye, Jaguar LandRover in addition to LTI. There was an aptitude test followed by group discussion in Alphonso and coding test having two questions in Wells Fargo, Jaguar and Fareye later had an interview. I was shortlisted for LTI through a test consisting of both aptitude and coding questions and later gave two rounds of interviews, and was offered a job in LTI.

Almost your entire pre-placement preparation would depend on where you are aiming to get placed. The summer internship(s) you did are helpful to decide. So, give a lot of time to think about this. RESUME BUILDING: This is the first step towards placement preparation.You should start working on your resume right from the start of the semester. Master resume submission deadline is usually in the first or second week of August.Get your resume reviewed from friends and seniors. Don’t be shy to take help here, seniors love to help. APTITUDE PREPARATION:This is a must for all. Almost every other company takes an aptitude test. Even core companies have a section for aptitude in their tests. For my batch, SPO had organized Aptitude Tests in collaboration with Prepleaf which were really useful as they helped one decide where she/he stands competitively. GD PREPARATION:The best way to prepare for GDs is to do mock GDs with friends. I have prepared for GD with my friends on a zoom call. TECHNICAL TESTS & INTERVIEWS: This would again depend on which type of sector you are applying for. (i) Core: For mechanical core companies like Bajaj Auto, Jaguar LandRover (Core profile) etc. Questions were mainly from four courses - Energy Systems-I (IC Engine portion), Thermodynamics, Fluid mechanics, Theory of Machines & Mechanisms. (ii) Coding: For coding preparation I have revised my DS Algo notes and practiced questions from sections like Strings, Stacks & Queues, Hashing, Tree Data Structure, Graph Data Structure and Dynamic Programming from Interview Bit and LeetCode. HR RELATED:For any sector, preparation of HR type questions is a must. The main questions would be “why this company”, “tell me about yourself”, “where do you see yourself in next 4 years” etc. There is a set of HR questions available online, figure out which questions might be relevant to the company you’re applying in and plan your answers accordingly. Try to do a mock HR interview with a friend if you’re not very confident about your communication skills.

It was a great experience and I was very happy with my selection in the company in which I wanted to go as I was determined to go for the software profile.However, there were some glitches in the procedure like clashing of technical tests because of delays. Even the circulation of the shortlist could have been done in an efficient way as it would have avoided last time anxious moments before the interview. During LTI, the first interview was based on projects mentioned in the resume, especially the project done in my internship. He then gave me a coding question and asked me the logic. He was convinced with my approach. The question was not too hard covering basic concepts of stack and hashmap. At last, he asked me about my hobbies. I was able to answer all questions satisfactorily because I was very relaxed in the interview. Keeping calm is imperative. The second round was an HR interview. All the questions were standard (“Why should I hire you?”, “Why this company?”) which I had prepared well.

Prepare for the technical profiles by studying core subjects which interest you the most, but a person needs to have basic knowledge of other topics related to your department also. Apply for the company only after gaining sufficient knowledge about it. Identify your interest and what kind of work you like, then apply to the company which suits your style of working and is apt for you to pursue your interests. One must not apply to all the companies just because everyone is applying. Try to be confident with your answers and give genuine replies in HR interviews. One must not give vague answers and change views as this would clearly give the indication that you are not able to give clear answers or you are making them up. In case of rejections, one must not panic and stay focused on the next opportunities. Losing confidence due to previous rejections can decrease your chances further and it can be very disadvantageous.

Final Tips :
Always follow your interest while choosing a suitable job. If you are not sure about your interest, keep options open and try to get information on all those options and select accordingly. One must prioritize his/her interests first, then the kind of work in the company and then the package. If one applies to many companies just because everyone else is applying, he/she may be rejected as his/her profile might not match with the company’s work and that can leave the person discouraged.Remember, that nobody can judge your talent or ability from a 30 minutes interview. So, do not get disheartened if you do not get selected. Let me know if you need any help from me. All the best!