Mayant Mukul

Mayant Mukul graduating from IIT Kanpur, Branch - Mth department as a Graduate (B.Tech) in 2020 has been placed as - Software in - Dream11.

a) Other companies that I was shortlisted for i. LINKWIZ b) Analysis of available options (based on profile, growth, compensation, Brand Name, etc) ii. Computer vision related work, shortlisted on the basis of a take-home task. Small start-up that I hadn’t heard of before but seemed okay based on recent funding and growth. Position in Japan, compensation was great for the small town that it was based in, but pretty low for big cities.

Mostly through the data structures Coursera specialization, along with some GeeksForGeeks and Leetcode. I have a lot of other small projects, so I did have some degree of programming maturity already.

Placement tests and writing actual software are completely different. Most companies had questions that were only designed to filter out bulk applications, and didn’t really test skills that would be used day-to-day on the job. I thoroughly enjoyed the companies that gave out tasks, like LINKWIZ, but did really poorly on all others.

At least for the software profile, grinding through leetcode is the only option to make it through the initial tests. Once you’re in the interview you can display the full breadth of your knowledge. Don’t hesitate to reach out to your friends for support. It can make the entire process a lot smoother.

Final Tips :
As unfortunate as that is, placement tests are like the math section in JEE. Discipline and grinding is the only way to work through them.