Arzoo graduating from IIT Kanpur, Branch - Economics department as a Graduate (B.Tech) in 2020 has been placed as - MANAGEMENT TRAINEE in - AMERICAN EXPRESS.

a) Other companies that I was shortlisted for Day 1 Slot 1: Goldman Sachs, PwC Day 1 Slot 2: American Express, Alphonso b) Analysis of available options (based on profile, growth, compensation, Brand Name, etc)

I was sure that I do not want to build my career in software development. I was interested in the analytics and consulting profiles. So, my focus was to prepare for these profiles only. Since I did not have any internship, I started developing my profile for analytics and consulting roles. In May, I started doing some online courses on Data Analysis and Interpretation. And in June I was fortunate enough to get an internship and did an internship in a startup in the field of Strategy and Consulting. After the internship was over, I started preparing for tests. I prepared for Aptitude tests from pariksha and prepleaf. And solved puzzles, probability questions from different online sources and books. I also prepared for coding tests from Interview Bit and GeeksforGeeks. At the same time, I also started preparing for guesstimates and case studies. At the end of October, I started preparing for interviews. First, I revised the puzzles, probability questions. Also revised all the courses written in resume most importantly probability and statistics, econometrics because these were very important for my aimed profiles. I also prepared my resume and HR questions very well. I believe my projects and internship didn't help me in getting into American Express but they definitely helped me in other interviews. My Amex interview was totally based on puzzles, my understanding of company and case studies.

DO’S 1. Show your willingness to learn new things in an interview. 2. Start your preparation early so that you have sufficient time to revise things. 3. Be patient and give your best without worrying about results. DON'TS 1. Don’t overload yourselves with academic load in 7th semester. 2. Don’t panic when a new question is asked in the interview, try to answer as much as possible. 3. Don’t give on question if you are stuck instead ask the interviewer for a hint and move forward. 4. Don't try to cover everything, instead just prepare well what you already know.

Final Tips :
1. Believe in yourself. 2. Prioritize the profiles you are aiming for and prepare accordingly. 3. Plan for preparation and be consistent with the initial planning. Don’t panic as time progresses. 4. Speak up your thoughts while solving any question, the interviewer wants to know the thought process not the final answer. 5. Research about the company and role you are applying for.