Akash Gosai

Akash Gosai graduating from IIT Kanpur, Branch - Cse department as a Graduate (B.Tech) in 2020 has been placed as - Quant strats in - Morgan Stanley.

a) I was shortlisted for interviews in Morgan Stanley, Uber, Graviton Research, and Cohesity for day 1 slot 1. b) I was inclined towards Quant profile and had filled the preference form accordingly. Graviton's CTC was much higher but because MS is a leading and well established name in the investment banking domain, I prioritised it.

I started my placement prep very late, around mid-september. I started with solving all the problems available on interviewbit. I didn't intensively practice on leetcode, although it is recommended. Parallely, I solved brainstellar for probability and puzzles because every Quant profile is gonna ask you to solve these in the interviews. I solved previous year questions before every test. As the interviews neared, I revised and solved problems related to OS, Compiler design, OOP, Networks and DBMS. Started resume prepping around a week before day 1.

Almost all rounds of all the companies were comfortable to navigate through. In Uber's interview, I was asked to solve an easy dfs based question and was asked to explain and handle all the edge cases. In Graviton, I was asked questions based on P&C of about moderate to high difficulty. For cohesity, I was asked to solve an easy DP question and a modified window sliding problem. For MS, I had to solve moderately difficult DP problem, and several questions on OS, OOP, and DBMS.

A good number of problems will be common across tests, so make sure you figure out how to solve the problems that you've not solved in the test. Brush up your concepts on OOP, OS, Networks and DBMS, as lot of tests have MCQs based on these. Properly think about each and every work you're putting on your resume, you should be able to defend and explain each one of em in the interviews. In the coding interviews, don't directly present the solution, you should ideally show them your thought process and how you reached there.

Final Tips :
DP and Graphs are the topics from which most of the questions are asked in tests and interviews, so prioritise that. While choosing companies at the end, do give a thought to the work-life balance, as it matters.