From the Chairman's Desk

I would like to warmly welcome all the current and prospective recruiters to the Student Placement Office (SPO) of IIT Kanpur. In this age, demanding continual technology enhancements, the industry requires talented youngsters with outstanding analytical skills, open mindset and innovative approach towards problem solving. I am glad to convey that IIT Kanpur is home to such bright young minds. Our next batch of students is all set to graduate soon and they are looking for opportunities that are appealing to their intellect and would help them realize their full potential.

At IIT Kanpur, we make every effort to hone the technical and analytical skills of our students through the rigorous coursework that focusses on up-to-date scientific knowledge and state-of-the-art technological know-hows in their respective disciplines. The UG curriculum of each department consists of certain compulsory courses on the institute level, core courses on the departmental level, departmental electives and open electives. The inclusion of open electives, wherein the students can opt for elective courses from any department, adds interdisciplinary component to the curriculum. In addition, each student is also required to take certain minimum course-credits in the department of Humanities and Social Sciences which greatly enhances their outlook towards the society and its needs. Our PG students, who are admitted at IITK after a very tough entrance procedure, undergo rigorous coursework consisting of advanced level courses. As the most essential part of their degree, they write their theses under the able supervision of our faculty who themselves are renowned researchers in their respective fields.

During their stay at IIT Kanpur, our students also participate in myriad of extra-curricular activities, which exposes them to and tests their skills in sports, cultural, dramatics, music and, allows students to develop a healthy personality. The students also get first-hand experience in organization and management of events through various leadership positions they take up during several annual events organized at IIT Kanpur. It is therefore no wonder that a student graduating from IIT Kanpur has an all-round personality.

SPO office facilitates the recruitment process for the students as well as the employers, by serving as an interface between the two. On the SPO portal, students can upload their resumes, which are then verified by a dedicated team of personnel at SPO. The employers can announce their job openings and job profiles after registering on the portal. The SPO strives to help both the students and employers in matching their interests and interacting with each other, with the ultimate aim of allowing well-informed hiring decisions from both sides. I am sure, our team of placement coordinators and dedicated volunteers will ensure that the recruitment process becomes a smooth and pleasing experience for both the recruiters and the students. We are always eager to improve and open for any suggestions from recruiters in order to make this experience even better. With this, I again welcome all the recruiters to IIT Kanpur.

You have come to the right place…and you will get what you are looking for! We look forward to welcoming to for the placements at IIT Kanpur. Have a happy placement experience.



Dr. Kaustubh Kulkarni
Students' Placement Office
IIT Kanpur
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From the Vice Chairman's Desk

Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur (IITK), established in 1959, is one of the premier institutions established by the Government of India. IITK aims to create, disseminate, and translate knowledge in science, engineering and allied disciplines that serve the society. IITK has set a benchmark through its outstanding academic programs, quality education, and cutting-edge multidisciplinary research. We at IITK prioritize the 360-degree development of students to meet global standards. Our education system goes over and beyond the classroom lectures. We strongly agree with the overall growth of the students that ensures all our students are ready to meet the new challenges in life. In this regard, Students’ Placement Office (SPO) takes utmost care to groom students according to the needs of the industry.

Our students are not only talented and dream high, but they are also equally capable of achieving this. Believe, as an industry, you will get the innovators here at IITK, who will significantly contribute to the newer heights of success.

Thanks to all our prestigious recruiters for extending opportunities to our students year on year. SPO of IITK welcomes you to join hands for a more profound and mutually beneficial relationship towards nation-building.

Partner and write your success stories with IITK.



Dr. Raju Gupta
Vice Chairman
Students' Placement Office
IIT Kanpur