The placement policy will be applicable to all students registered for the 2015-16 campus placements of IIT Kanpur and is to be followed during the entire duration of the placement season.


  • Registered student of IIT Kanpur expected to complete his/her degree by July 2016 is eligible to register.
  • Sponsored students, i.e. students under QIP or those who have signed any bond for pursuing studies at the IIT Kanpur must produce No Objection Certificate from the concerned authorities/ agencies prior to registering with SPO.
  • Students can participate in/register for placements only once during their stay at IIT Kanpur.
  • Students converting to Dual Degree:
    • If a UG student applies to at least one company in fourth year and then converts to a dual degree, he/she would not be eligible to sit for placements in next year.
    • If a UG students registers for placements in fourth year and de-registers before September 25th, 2015, perfectly following the above mentioned guideline, he/she is eligible for placements in fifth year.
  • The last date to de-register from placements is September 25th, 2015. You need to drop a mail to sposecy@iitk.ac.in stating your wtihdrawl. Also, you have to preserve the fee receipt so that you do not have to pay the registration fees when you appear for placements next year.
  • BS students who did not sit for internships in academic year 2014-15, can either sit for Internships or placements for the session 2015-16.


  • The role of the SPO (Students' Placement Office) is of a facilitator and counselor for placement related activities. SPO does NOT guarantee a job. Applying for a company or joining a company is entirely the responsibility/decision of the student concerned.
  • The placement facility is available to all the students registered with SPO through the policy One job to one student at the first instance. If a student is offered a job in a slot, he/she will be de-registered from the placement process and would not be allowed to appear in any further processes.
  • If a student receives more than one job in one slot, he/she has to choose one of the jobs by the end of the slot.
  • There is no restriction on applying/appearing in interviews until the first job is secured. A student will be considered to have secured a job if his/her name appears in the selection list or an appointment letter is received in the SPO.
  • Students must keep their Identity Card with them at the time of PPT/Test/Group Discussion/Interviews, and produce the same when asked by the visiting team, SPO staff or their representatives.
  • No student other than SPO Team is allowed to contact the company officials for any purpose without prior permission of the Chairman, SPO. Defaulters would be heavily penalized as per the decision of the Chairman, SPO.
  • SPO strongly discourages the students to go for off campus placements in the companies as this affects the company-institute relations adversely. Students are also requested to forward contacts they have, if any, in different companies so that SPO may formally invite these companies for placements.
  • If a student makes any false claims in his/her resume submitted at SPO, his/her registration at SPO will be cancelled immediately. If the students has already received a job offer, it would be revoked and there would be further disciplinary action as per decision of the Chairman, SPO.
  • If a student is found to have hidden the nature of his/her enrolled program (for example, conversion to dual degree), his/her registration at SPO will be cancelled immediately and would lead to further disciplinary action as per decision of the Chairman, SPO.
  • It is the responsibility of the student to check that he/she meets all the eligibility criteria which might be required at the time of joining (academic, medical, etc.) for the opportunity he/she is applying.
    • Ex-1. Is a company requires the applicant to have a CPI of 8.0 at the time of joining, be well assured before applying to that company.
    • Ex-2. If a company does not select candidates with a particular medical disability, please ensure that you do not have that disability.
  • Any sort of indecent behavior during the placement session may lead to cancellation of registration and case would be forwarded to Chairman, SPO for futher disciplinary action.

Pre-Placement Offers (PPO)

  • All Pre-Placement Offers by any company whatsoever, extended to any student, have to be immediately intimated to the Placement Office by the student after registration. This also includes offers extended by companies that are not participating in the 2015-16 campus placements.
  • All companies contacted will also be asked in advance about any Pre Placement offers that have been extended by them and the company will be informed about our PPO policy in advance.
  • Any form of intimation from a company about the possibility of a PPO being granted in the future should be informed to the Placement Office. The SPO will take up the matter with the company further, to aid the student in receiving the PPO.
  • If a student receives a Pre-Placement Offer before September 15, 2015, he/she needs to make a decision as to whether he/she wants to accept or decline by September 20, 2015 or the deadline mentioned by the company, whicheve is earlier.
  • Any PPOs received after September 15, 2015 need to be accepted/declined within 5 days of receipt of offer, or the date specified by the company, whichever is earlier.
  • Students accepting or declining a PPO will have to immediately notify the Placement Office of the same. If the PPO is accepted, the job will be recorded and he/she will NOT be allowed to participate in the campus placements. However, he/she will be allowed to participate in the process if the offer is declined. The rejection letter will be sent to the company through the SPO.

Any student found to have breached any of these rules will be debarred from the placement process. If at the time of breach the student is already placed, the company in which he/she is placed will be intimated of the violation.

Penalty Structure

  • A student will be allowed to be exempted from compulsory attendance for PPT for a maximum of 2 companies due to genuine reasons* by filling a leave application form (which can be downloaded here within 2 days after PPT.
  • Student will not be allowed to participate in the selection process of the company for which he/she has missed the PPT (Exempting the 2 companies missed due to genuine reasons).
  • Opting out of the selection process of a company after a student has applied for it is not allowed.
  • Any sort of misbehaviour on the part of students which affects the decorum of the PPT or the selection process or the reputation of SPO attracts a severe penalty as per discretion of SPO and as per the severity of the situation. For example, asking inappropriate questions during PPT or Interview.
  • Cheating in all forms or marking proxies during the selection process is strictly prohibited and those caught indulging in such activities would be debarred from the placement process. Also note that no concessions in any form shall be provided in such case.
    * Genuine reasons include health problems or other reasons subject to approval of Chairman, SPO. PPT missed due to academic clashes will not be counted among the 2 companies. Attendance will be marked on submitting the PPT leave application form.

Guidelines for Master Resume

  • Master resume will NOT be sent to the company, you need to apply with a different resume for every company.
  • No bar on the length of master resume, but each and every point will need verification.
  • The resume with which one applies for a particular company must be a subset of the master resume.
  • One cannot add/change any point/sub point that is written in the master resume while making his/her resume
  • One is allowed to delete points/sub points.
  • If you need to state your point in a different way for the technical and non-technical profile, we suggest you to include it again in the master resume itself even if it causes repetition.
  • Any change in the master resume MUST be done with the permission of SPO; Any sort of exaggeration in one/two page resumes as compared to master resumes is not allowed and would be considered as a false claim.