The internship policy will be applicable to all the students who apply for internships open through SPO, for the session 2015-16, and is to be followed during the entire duration of the session.


  • Y12 Students:
    • Only those BS-MS students are allowed, who did not *sit for the 2014-15 internship process.
    • Only those B.Tech-M.Tech dual degree students are allowed who did not sit for the 2014-15 internship process, but they would have to produce NOC from their thesis guide and department before registering for the internship session.
    • Only those Double major students are allowed who did not sit for the 2014-15 internship process.
  • Y13 Students:
    • Only 3rd year B.Tech and 3rd year B.S. students are allowed to sit for the 2015-16 internship process.
    • 3rd year B.S. students who are considering to convert into BS-MS Dual Degree program have the option to declare in advance their choice to sit in either their 3rd year, or their 4th year.
    • Double Major students have the option to declare in advance their choice to sit in either their 3rd year, or their 4th year.
    • All B.Tech students are eligible to apply for internships in their 3rd year only
  • Y14 onwards students:
    • All Y14 are eligible for the internship process. This is an opportunity in addition to your internship in either the 3rd year or the 4th year of your degree. Note that the priority of the internship team will still be pre-final year students, but we will attempt to provide as many companies as possible to second year students. However, all the SPO rules apply in this case as well.
  • *sit=applied to at least one company.

Rules & Regulations

  • The role of the SPO (Students' Placement Office) is of a facilitator and counsellor for internship related activities. SPO does NOT guarantee an internship. Applying for a company or joining a company is entirely the responsibility/decision of the student concerned.
  • A student must be present during the entire Summer Recruitment Process (including PPTs) of the company, if one has applied for its internship process. A student would be disqualified from the process of the company and placed on probation if he/she misses the PPT without any genuine reason**.
  • If a student withdraws from a company's process (not attending any of the GDs, tests, PI, etc.) after applying (without any genuine reason*), he/she shall be de-registered from SPO and shall not be able to apply for any Internship through SPO for that session.
  • If a student gets an Internship from anywhere other than the SPO, he/she must inform the SPO as soon as possible by dropping a mail to sposecy@iitk.ac.in so that all his applications for Internship could be withdrawn.
  • A student, who leaves the Internship of SPO before or during the stipulated internship period after getting selected, shall be termed as an Internship Defaulter. A student has to keep himself/herself available for the entire duration of the internship at the company, failing which students would also be considered as an Internship Defaulter.
  • Each student must produce proof of completing an Internship if selected through SPO. A PVF(Project Verification Form) and Internship Completion Certificate would suffice.
  • If a student directly contacts a Company that comes through SPO, then it would be considered as an Off-Campus attempt.
  • If a student gets more than one offer in a single day then he/she has the option of choosing between them at the end of the day. The choice must be communicated to the SPO immediately.
  • A student has to accept his/her offer by end of the day in which an offer is received and application from all other companies would be withdrawn immediately.
  • Discrepancies, false claims or any objectionable content found in the resumes of a student would prevent him/her from taking part in any of the internship activities for that season and make him/her an Internship Defaulter and attract further penalization as per decision of Chairman, SPO.
  • Misconduct of any kind during the entire internship season would attract strict punishment as per decision of the Chairman, SPO.
  • Any cases of fraudulent CPI would be dealt with severity and the case would be forwarded to SSAC and would prevent the student from taking part in any recruitment activity during his/her stay in IIT Kanpur.
  • In case of any discrepancies, all decisions taken by Chairman, SPO would be final.
  • ** Genuine reasons include health problems, academic clashes or other reasons subject to approval of Chairman, SPO.

Penalty for Internship Defaulter

  • Internship defaulters will be allowed to apply for only two companies for the first seven days of the placement season.