From the Chairman's Desk

With the dynamic nature of competitive market, the need of exceptional technical talent clubbed with inter-personal managerial skills inherently form the underlying requirement of working in global firms. The exceeding expectations from a graduating student have created a zone of opportunity for students of Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kanpur. The innate build-up of strong foundation and skill-set training, imparted to the students of IIT Kanpur, naturally prepares them to face today’s competitive world. The rigour in teaching, strive to excelling in all facets, learning from top-class researchers, undertaking top-class thesis and projects, managing international technical-conferences, and participating in extra co-curricular activities inculcate definite excellence. This characteristic of complete development of students at IIT Kanpur makes them distinctive leaders of tomorrow.

Students’ Placement Office (SPO) at Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kanpur provides the opportunity to both: firms and students, to express their aspirations, assess the options, and the match with the rightful opportunity. Firms can provide a job-announcement form providing their requirements of technical and non-technical needs, and how the firm intends to carry out the assessment process whether for internship or offering campus placement. On the other hand, students submit their résumé and find the firms looking for their skill-sets. Thus, such a platform becomes a win-win situation for both parties.

A typical graduate of IIT Kanpur possesses professional conduct, imbibes ethics, communicates professionally, and acquires strong inter-personal skills while being adept at applied knowledge of advancement occurring in the technical domain. The placements at IIT Kanpur have been the best among its fraternity, which endorses the faith of corporates on selecting talent from our college.

SPO portal serves as starting point for firms to provide the required information and to interface and interact regarding their internship and recruitment needs. Kindly do not hesitate to reach us for any queries and concerns that you might have regarding student recruitment placement at IIT Kanpur.

Kindly keep the channel of communication open, and we suggest that the pre-placement talks (PPT) are scheduled in advance upon mutual consent from SPO. Please note that PPTs are held starting October till mid-November after class hours (i.e. 6 pm onwards on weekdays and 10 am onwards on weekends) barring a few days in mid-October for celebrating cultural festival Antaragni. We encourage firms to remain open to attracting pool of talents from varied majors, degrees and disciplines. Someone may just surprise you rightly with their analytical mind and witted knowledge!

You have come to the right place…and you will get what you are looking for! We look forward to welcoming to for the placements at IIT Kanpur. Have a happy placement experience.



Dr. Kantesh Balani
Students' Placement Office
IIT Kanpur
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